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Water Droplet Mini SeriesAs the season begins to change, our appreciation for the rains that brought green abundance to the lands and nourishment to the earth, is filled with joy. Thankful for the dancing colours that bloomed from the thirst of water droplets, bringing life of vibrance and buzzy bee glory of perfume flora abound. Also thankful the rains have blessed the wildfires throughout the Yukon, giving ease to the communities and safety to the nests of the people.

Now as we all begin our preparations for the next seasons frozen waters…

These goldfilled gems are made with Yukon Caribou Antler slices cut and shaped by my husband Curtis Ladue then pieced together by me with gold-filled findings / hoop huggers and backed with Moosehide.

1: available

2: available


4: available

5: available (circle) - no moosehide backing

6: available


#4 Water Droplet Earrings

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